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2006 TCR/Fontana USAC/ Chili-Bowl Dirt Midget

Seller Username JK
Price $35,500.00
Time Left Closed
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 2006 TCR/Fontana USAC/ Chili-Bowl Dirt Midget 

· NEW Frame for USAC/ Chili-bowl, fresh black powder-coated frame/ body panels ONLY RUN ONCE AT CHILIBOWL & VENTURA 

· 2 Carbon fiber hood, dash and 2 right side fiberglass arm guards,2 new belly pans and side panels 

· Super-Light Kirkey seat 

· 2 each Winters 44/3� internal coupler rear-end, one of the rearends has lower titanium shaft. 

· Left side vertical Anti-intrusion bars to protect driver 

· New TCR axle w/ steel spindles 

· Frame has threaded spuds to save weight and special LR top shock mount for adjustable shock 

· Coil over 175# left and 185# right w/ helper spring setup and Carrera aluminum shocks, LR adjustable shock and NEW RR shock. All shocks sent out to ARS for service this year 

· New Rear Torsion Bars and Arms and Trick Birdcages w/ adjustable RR clevis. 

· 3-4 Jacobs ladders & hardware 

· Complete set and spare of Sanders rims and fresh Hoosier tires. 

· Aluminum motor-plate, magnesium bell-housing, torque ball, plastic spacer, Aluminum Torque Tube, Chromeolly/ Aluminum U-Joint 

· New Power steering w/ built in canister added to KSE steering unit, saving weight and unit just completely refreshed 

· NEW hardware throughout car, (NEW Hollow Bolts mounting all shocks, radius rods and birdcages) and hollow/Titanium mounting bolt/studs 

· Titanium bolts, washers, nuts hardware throughout out all Sanders wheels and beadlocks 

· NEW Aluminum heims throughout 

· NEW Oil & Water gauges 

· New Patterson oil tank w/ two returns 

· ALL Radius rods, Jacobs ladders, Aluminum hardware are polished!!! 

EXTRAS: Aluminum U-Joint, NEW Extra Jacobs ladder and 2 extra sets of hardware, 2nd complete tail tank, 2nd. Set of body-panels, 23 sets of gears, 1 NEW complete TCR/ Stealth direct mount front-ends w/ NEW Wildwood Brake caliper, 1 RR Birdcage w/ Clevis, Extra set/s of NEW radius rods w/ aluminum heims. 1 set Asphalt rims/tires for making starting up the car at home a breeze. Many complete sets of rubber and extra LR’s & RR’s, 5 Extra LR rims of which 3 are Sanders inside beadlock, 2 Extra RR Weld Rims and all have magnesium centers and good rubber and 1 brand NEW Sanders direct mount RF Beadlock rim w/ dust cover and New rubber! 



. Brand NEW Sanders Beadlock w/ cover and Brand NEW Hoosier 68-7.0-13 D-12 

NEW Sanders NON-Beadlock and NEW Hoosier 68-7.0-13 D-12 

. Weld Beadlock and NEW Hoosier 68-7.0-13 D-12 

2 ea. Extra Hoosiers with other style pattern 

Left Rear 

Brand NEW Sanders INSIDE Beadlock and Brand NEW Hoosier 74-10.0-13 D-12 

Brand NEW Sanders INSIDE Beadlock and Brand NEW Hoosier 74-10.0-13 D-12 

Brand NEW Sanders INSIDE Beadlock and Brand NEW Hoosier 76-10.0-13 D-12 

1 ea. Extra Hoosier Good rubber 76/ 10.0 -13 D-12 

1 ea. Extra Hoosier Good rubber 78/ 10.0 -13 D-12 

1 ea. Extra Hoosier Good rubber 78/ 10.0 -13 D-12 

1 ea. Extra Hoosier Good rubber 80/ 10.0 -13 D-12 

Right Rear 

NEW Superlite Sanders 1" offset Beadlock Brand NEW Hoosier 82/12.0 -13 SP-2 

Weld 1" offset Beadlock Brand NEW Hoosier 82/12.0 -13 SP-2 

Weld 1" offset Beadlock Brand NEW Hoosier 82/12.0 -13 SP-2 

1 ea. Extra Hoosier Good rubber 82/ 10.0 -13 D-12 

Asphault Tire and Rims 

1 complete set of Asphault Rims & Tires to make starting at home easy! 

NEW Additional Extras 

All Rims have Brand NEW bleeder valves 

All Rims have Brand NEW Titanium Mounting Bolts, Titanium washers and Titanium nuts and were put together with fresh silicon at beginning of year only 7 races 

Sanders Front Direct Mount Hubs have Brand NEW Titanium Countersunk headed Studs and Titanium nuts 

Brand NEW Chromolly Hollow studs in Bellhousing 

Brand NEW Titanium Studs and nuts in Torque tube 

Extra Shock w/ Brand NEW Coil-Over mounting harware 

Brand NEW Hollow Bolts mounting Shocks and all Radius rods 

Brand NEW Aluminum Hiems throughout existing and spare radius rods 

Brand NEW Hiems for throttle, Brakes and Acceleration Foot pedal 

Just had Mag and Coil completely serviced, new bushing and calibrated 

NEW Wiring for Mag and Switch,Just completely serviced Head and Brand NEW Springs 

2 sets of Brand New Champion plugs, 2 Extra belts to run oil pump, All hoses, Aluminum Airoquip Fittings are new and Steel braid is new too! Extra set of Brand NEW Trend Pushrods, Extra Torque tube, Driveshaft and U-joint Aluminum and Steel Extra Rear Axle nut for each side 

2 Ea. Wheel Knocker, Extra Brake pads for Front Aluminum rotor, Many extra six pin and splined centers for Weld rims, Extra Brake Lines and Brake parts, Brand New Shroeder Torsion bars: 775, 28 â€Å" , 800, 26", 825, 26" & 28 ", 850, 26" & 28 " 


Just Freshened & on Dyno AND HAVE DYNO SHEETS! Making Great Power and best of everything INSIDE ENGINE! 

NEW: Carrillo rods, bearings, Special Arias Pistons, 14.88 to 1 compression, Western Wrist Pins, Velasko Crank, Isky Valve Springs, Special Trend Push Rods, Don Zig High Voltage Super Coil and Magneto, Wires, Plugs, 2 valve covers, Hilborn Injection, Barnes 4 stage oil pump, High Dollar Custom Aluminum Oil Pan w/ special scavenging built into it, very smart and all with NEW plumbing! 


Peterson Oil Tank larger fittings, 1yr. Like New $250
Weld Splined Centers already sandblasted and ready for kephos coating/paint $50 each, 9 in all.

Call: 562-209-1234



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